5 questions to ask a prospective dental lab service provider

As a professional dentist, the quality of the dental products and services you choose will have a huge bearing on the functionality, comfort and aesthetic results you are able to achieve for your patient.

It’s vital to know that in the dental laboratory industry, there’s significant variation from business to business regarding their processes, technology, experience and the quality of the components used.

And these differences make for substantial variations in how reliable, durable, attractive and fit for purpose each dental product is.

To make sure you get trouble-free dental lab products that reflect well on the professionalism of your dental practice, ask a prospective supplier of dental lab services the following questions:

1. Where are your dental products made?

Ask the dental lab if their dental products made in-house, or sourced elsewhere – perhaps offshore?

Many dental labs try to cut costs by having dental products such as crowns and implants made overseas. This means the lab immediately abdicates control over the quality of manufacturing and components. What this means for you is that it becomes hard to be certain what’s going to be put in your patient’s mouth when the lab provider has not witnessed its construction first hand, and the product may well have been made in an unregulated environment with lesser standards than those that apply in Australia.

2. What kinds of technology does the dental lab use?

There have been tremendous advances in the technology that supports dentists and dental labs in their work. Ask the prospective dental lab provider what types of technology they use and how long they’ve had it. Having the latest CAD/CAM technology in their lab means they can work with greater efficiency and accuracy – generating a better result for you and your patient.

3. What ongoing training do the technicians undertake?

Patients are increasingly educated on what dental restoration options are available to them – and they will want to know that their important dental products are being made by people who have the right training and skills to give them a solution that will give them long-lasting, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing teeth. Ask the dental lab what additional professional training they undertake each year. The better dental labs will invest time and resources into continually up-skilling staff by enabling them to attend workshops, training courses and conferences.

4. Can I see your lab?

Visiting a prospective lab service provider will give you an instant sense of their professionalism, efficiency and sense of order. Quality dental lab services are calm, tidy and hygienic – and their team will feel proud to show you around. Having a firsthand look will quickly tell you whether they are capable of delivering the standard and efficiency you’re looking for.

5. Do you take a collaborative approach?

Many types of dental procedures such as implants and All-On-4™ are highly complex – and the best outcomes occur when there is strong communication between you as the dentist and your dental lab provider. Ask the prospective lab if they are experienced in liaising closely with their dentist clients – and ask them for examples where they have been able to improve the process and outcome through their advice and consultation with the dentist and/or patient. A quality dental lab provider will courteously share their insights and knowledge, communicating effectively with all parties.

These are just some of the criteria we recommend you judge the calibre of a prospective dental lab by.

At RWD Dental Image, all of our dental lab products are made at our Sydney lab. We use only the highest quality components and the latest technology to generate dental products that are a perfect fit, look and shape – and offer the patient long-lasting, trouble free use. Ongoing education is a priority of ours and we pride ourselves on the open lines of communication we share with our dentist clients.

Come and see for yourself. We’d be delighted to welcome you to visit our dental lab in Bondi Junction and show you why we are one of Sydney’s premier dental lab services. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Rob Dulieu

Proprietor, RWD Dental Image