Dental Lab Services

RWD Dental Image offers a complete range of professional, Australian-made dental lab services.

From our dental laboratory in Sydney, we offer dentists access to the finest quality dental lab products and services including veneers, dentures, implants, All-On-4™, crowns, bridges, mouthguards and digital dentistry.


Colour matching

Creating an accurate colour match is a complex skill that requires a strong understanding of the interplay of hue, value, chroma, translucency – to name just a few of the factors. At RWD Dental Image, we draw on two decades of experience in expert colour matching, creating dental products that dentists and their patients are consistently delighted with.

Your patients will be greeted by our professional staff in reception, acquainted with the procedure and then made to feel welcome and comfortable in our shade taking clinic. Digital photographs are taken and a series of colour tabs are used to identify the closest match the colour of the natural tooth. All digital photos are held on record and help with the contrasts, value, hue and chroma when making the restoration.

Front teeth are the most difficult teeth to match and sometimes we encourage patients to come back for a second or third visit to ensure we get a result everyone’s happy with.


Aesthetic consultations

Our focus is to help your patients get a great aesthetic result, and we do this by providing an aesthetic consultation with them, that draws on our extensive professional experience.

A wide range of factors contribute to a successful outcome. Our knowledge and professional insight enables us to gently guide and advise your patient to help them get a result they’ll love.

The shape of the teeth, how they are positioned, and their colour and translucency will have a strong impact on creating a natural looking, attractive result. We also consider the shape of your patient’s face and their features – as well as their personal preferences – when making our recommendation.

We’re good at explaining the implications of different choices, so that your patient has a good grasp of the outcome they can achieve.


Same day courier pick up service (at our expense)

Contact us by 11am and we’ll send a courier to you for same day pick up, paid for by us and available throughout Sydney. (We also serve dentists outside Sydney – contact us to find out details of pick up service for other areas.)


On-site dental surgery

Our dentist clients are welcome to make use of our fully equipped, modern dental surgery, located on our premises. This will enable you to consult with our expert technicians on the spot, which will streamline communication and create a more efficient, accurate result.


Cutting edge technology supports planning, treatment & outcome

As a leading dental laboratory, we have invested substantially in the latest dental technology to support our dentist clients in their work.

We offer NobelClinician implant planning consultations, a NobelProcera Scanning Centre, Procera Forte Scanning Centre and Lava Scanning Centre. RWD Dental Image supports all major implant systems including, but not limited to NobelBiocare, Straumann, 3i Biomet, Biohorizons, Dentsply Implants, Neoss, Southern Implants, MIS, Ankylos.

We have extensive experience in using technology to plan for and achieve an ideal outcome for your patients, and have shared our expertise with many dentist practitioners.


Knowledge and experience of complex cases

With more than two decades in the business, we’ve assisted dentists to come up with solutions for even the most complex of problems. You’re welcome to leverage our insights and knowledge of cases both here and overseas, to help shape the best possible outcome for your patient.

Talk to our friendly staff and you’ll soon recognise the high level technical capability and skills we bring to every job. With fast and efficient turnaround times, and a commitment to using the best quality components and technology, we’ll support you in creating a great experience and outcome for your patients.