Makeovers for non vital teeth

Non vital teeth – discoloured due to the death of or damage to a nerve or blood vessel to the tooth – can spoil a smile.

Fortunately there are now several ways this can be overcome.

At RWD Dental Image in Sydney, we’re skilled at providing a solution that masks the underlying discolouration, and/or restores the shape of a tooth to a natural look. This includes applying our considerable expertise and knowledge in ensuring the hue, chroma and lustre of the tooth is a perfect match with the patient’s remaining teeth.

Our understanding of what will work best for each patient has been built over decades of experience.

There are a multitude of factors to consider – many of which are very subtle, but which when understood properly, will contribute to an outstanding and attractive result for your patient.

In a recent case, a patient had significant discolouration of non vital teeth. To mask the darkness of the underlying tooth structure, I chose to use Procera Zironcia white copings. We then coloured and built up the core, creating a beautiful, natural smile for the patient.

Try-ins of copings and good photographic records as we progressed were other essential ingredients of this case.

We would be very pleased to discuss with you the particular requirements of your patient. RWD Dental Image also has a fully equipped dental surgery on site, which is available for you to treat patients. In doing so, you can streamline the treatment process for your patient as you and our technicians can liaise directly to identify the best restorative approach.

Contact us today to learn more.

Rob Dulieu
Proprietor, RWD Dental Image