Time & process efficiency: a key ingredient to All-On-4™ success

You most likely know that baby boomers are increasingly keen to avoid dentures and are happy to explore options for a more permanent and easy-to-live-with solution.

This is where All-On-4™ really comes into its own.

A process that’s been around now for almost two decades, today All-On-4™ has reasonable patient awareness and is offered by a select number of clinicians who have trained in the technique.

As principal of RWD Dental Image, I completed a clinical residency at the Malo Clinic in 2008 with pioneer of the All-On-4™ technique, Dr Paulo Maló™. Since then, our lab has worked on a large number of cases, continually refining our processes and expertise.

Today we work closely with about half a dozen clinicians who are actively treating patients with All-On-4™. This is resulting in approximately 20 cases a month going through our Sydney lab.

There are a number of factors that contribute to making the process as successful for the patient as possible.

Naturally there is the technical capability, aesthetics and fit of the finished product, but another key element is making the process as time efficient for the patient as possible.

Many patients who undergo All-On-4™ treatment are older, and the process is not quick and simple. Achieving a great outcome involves an extensive ‘to-do list’ – from consultation, to planning, making an initial denture, try-in, adjustment(s), and final fitting – to name some of the steps involved.

It is vital to manage this process as efficiently as possible and to communicate well with the patient so they remain committed to, and comfortable with the process.

An advantage we offer at RWD Dental Image is that as a prosthetist, we can work directly with the patient. This streamlines the process for both the patient and clinician. The in-house protocols we’ve developed over a number of years mean we can deliver everything a clinician needs, in a highly time efficient manner.

In doing so, we help make the process as time efficient and comfortable for your patient as possible and deliver an optimal result for all concerned.

We’d be pleased to share our expertise in successful All-On-4™ treatment. Contact RWD Dental Image today to learn more.

Rob Dulieu

Proprietor, RWD Dental Image